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What's the point?

You're a man walking around in a small town observing your suroundings, acting out your feelings. Created with Löve2d and MSPaint (third-party libraries used: anim8 and gamera). Environmental storytelling and multiple endings!

Storyboard and placeholder graphics? We hacked EVERYTHING together on the go.

This is our second game ever and we created it for the Ludum Dare 38 Jam.

Hope you like it!

art and dev:

femhundra and roccdcazbah


Interact with your surroundings by left-clicking (try clicking everything). Use keys A and D to walk left and right and react positively or negatively using W or S. Use your scroll wheel to look up and down.


Whats the point? 32-bit version 2 MB
Whats the point? 64-bit version 3 MB

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